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2 Columbus teens charged in separate fatal shootings in last 30 days

Ladrell Davis, 15, and Michael McCurdy, 14, are both charged with murder in separate fatal shootings from December 2022.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In the last month, two teens have been charged and accused of killing other teens in Columbus

The two boys were caught by police together three weeks ago, but one is still on the run.

"It's heartbreaking," said Jene Patrick of Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children. “Every time I hear it, it is like a punch to the gut because I think about my own children."

Patrick said it sickens her to hear that not one, but two teen boys have recently been charged with murdering other teens.

“These kids are out here and it's like there's no concept on death and what it really means. They are not coming back from this,” Patrick said.

Ladrell Davis, 15, is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Deaire Craighead on Christmas Day in the North Linden neighborhood. Columbus police SWAT team caught Davis on Dec. 27 after Davis, Michael McCurdy and another teen flashed a gun at the officers. All three were taken into custody, but McCurdy and the other teen were released.

Four days later Columbus police say 14-year-old McCurdy shot and killed 15-year-old Unique Prater.

“I think it’s harder to reach them when they are in this circle, this group,” Patrick said.

Patrick argues the only way to stop young children from such violent lives is to make sure their parents step up.

“Majority of it starts in the homes. At the end of the day, I think we have a lot of parents who need to start apologizing to their kids for what they exposed them to early on,” Patrick said.

Both of the teens also have lengthy criminal records.

McCurdy has been charged with assault, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, and failure to comply with the courts order of wearing a GPS ankle monitor. Davis has been charged dozens of times with theft, robbery and assault.

Davis is in custody, but Patrick is concerned because McCurdy is still on the run.

"If you know where he's at, turn him in. It's going to be a better scenario in turning him in whether than something happening to him out there where he can never be rehabilitated,” Patrick said.

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