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Surveillance video shows shooting involving teens suspected in Columbus car thefts

The video shows two teenagers getting outside of a vehicle at a gas station, with one teen shooting the other during a fight.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Recently, CrimeTracker 10 has been warning you about a group of teenagers snatching purses and stealing vehicles. Columbus police have dubbed the group "the game over kids."

Now, police are using surveillance video as a warning.

It was about 4 p.m. on Aug. 25 when a group of teens all packed into one car pulled up to Columbus gas station on the 5800 block of Cleveland Avenue

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A 16-year-old in red pants and a 14-year-old get out of a white vehicle and start fighting, then punching each other.

“They were in a group together, in a car, most likely a stolen car. They were at the gas station. Two of them got into a verbal altercation,” explained Mabry.

Then, the older teen pulls a gun and shoots the other teen in the leg.
The shooter casually sits back in the car, as the others run out to help the injured teen

“Everyone else in the car grabs the victim of the shooting, picks him up and puts him in that same car with the person who just shot him. They take him over to this location on Arborwood, where they dump him out. No medical care provided. No aid of any kind,” Mabry said.

Police were called to the gas station where the shooting happened, then got another call the injured teen had been dropped off at an apartment complex on Arborwood Drive.

“This is what is important for the public to see on this is these kids do not care about each other. There is no honor amongst thieves,” Mabry said.

About three weeks later police said the same teens were involved in a SWAT barricade at the same apartments with Columbus police over stolen cars.

Then again in October, police say the same group of teens was arrested again on Arborwood Court after several stolen cars and guns were recovered.

“These kids are engaging in dangerous activity and they are making dangerous decisions,” Mabry said.

Mabry argues the video shows how little regard these teens have for your safety, and urge everyone to be aware of their surroundings, and to keep their car locked at all times.

“If this is how they are going to treat someone in the core group, what do they care about you, me, or your mother or sister, or whoever else? They don't,” Mabry said.

Mabry said the teens involved in the shooting are being held in the juvenile detention center.

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