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Couric's Drive, Determination Evident Each Day

10TV's Andrea Cambern spends some rarely seen moments with CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric.

Katie Couric is naturally inquisitive, whether it's meeting a stranger on the street orinterviewing a U.S. president.

Her yearning to learn catapulted Couric to the title as the first solo anchorwoman and managingeditor of the CBS Evening News, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported.

Cambern recently traveled to New York and spent some private moments with Couric that few othersget a chance to see.

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The day started with a tennis lesson.  The fact that it came first on a day that includedsome powerful interviews was remarkable.

Part of Couric's schedule included interviews with a Pulitzer Prize columnist and Secretary ofState Hillary Clinton.  Sandwiched in were a number of meetings, talkback interviews withlocal CBS affiliates and caring for her daughter, who was home sick with the flu.  All that,and Couric's main task was scheduled, being behind the desk for the evening newscast.

"Staying physically fit is really important because I have such a demanding life," Couricsaid.  "I have a set time where I can take out my aggressions and run around."

Couric uses a drive and determination that has lifted her to the top of her game.

Time spent with her away from the studio is a vivid reminder of what viewers have grown to knowand love about her.  She's personable, positive and does not have a pretentious bone in herbody, Cambern reported.

After tennis, a quick shower and it was off to CBS headquarters for an inteview for her webcast,@KatieCouric.  It's something that Couric says allows her to do more indepth, long forminterviews.  Time constraints make that impossible for the Evening News.

"I really do like interviewing people -- helping people understand complicated issues --whetherits foreign policy or big medical stories, I find that really challenging," Couric said.

Couric has embraced the new technology of this news media like she embraces the special peoplein her life, like Jack, her driver for 20 years.

"I've had moments of incredible joy and moments of incredible sorrow," Couric said. "Actually, more than moments (of sorrow) and Jack has been a constant presence in my life.  Ireally value relationships like that.  I think it's just nice in a world where there are somany transient relationships that there are some you hold onto for a long time."

Couric has accomplished what seasoned broadcast journalists, let alone women in the industry,could only dream of.

She has the top job at a network that has been home to the greats, including Edward R. Murrowand Walter Cronkite. 

Executive Producer Rick Kaplan, who worked with Cronkite, is Couric's biggest fan.

"She's just a solid anchor," Kaplan said.  "I've worked with great anchors.  I'venever worked with one better than Katie."

Before she sits down to deliver the news to millions of viewers each night, she enters adressing room that is packed with people, and wardrobe closets filled with choices from head totoe.

They are all there to help ease some of the pressure to look cool, even though Couric is on thehot seat.

"I don't even know how to dress myself anymore because I have these guys helping me every day,"Couric said.

Couric knows all to well when it comes to comments.  Her hair and clothing can often trumpan important story.

"The best wardrobe story was when I was at the 'Today' show and (a viewer) asked me who picksout my wardrobe," Couric said.  "I thought (it was a compliment) and I told her, 'Actually, Ido.'  She said, 'I have to be honest with you.  The pants you had on last week were justhorrible!'"

Dressing for success is only the half of it when the world is witnessing history through KatieCouric's eyes.

Watch 10TV News Tuesday at 6 p.m., when Couric discusses the pressure of having the weight ofthe world on her shoulders as the first solo female anchorwoman of a network newscast.

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