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Local non-profit helping young people develop a desire to help others

Seeds of Caring is all about helping kids create a kinder place to live and grow.

Seeds of Caring is all about helping kids create a kinder place to live and grow.  They give kids ages 2 to 12 opportunities to help others through service, social action and community building.

“We made kindness kits for kids in domestic violence shelters,” said 9-year-old Violet Vulhop.  

Violet and her 7-year-old sister Natalie took part in the latest home project for Seeds of Caring.

They helped create kindness kits for children who come to LSS Choices, the only emergency shelter in Franklin County for victims of domestic violence.

“I think this project is a great way to show those kids that they are cared about and that someone else is thinking about them, they are not forgotten,” the girls’ mom and Seeds of Caring event coordinator Stephanie Volhup.\ said.

The non-profit’s mission is to empower kids to create a kinder community with their hearts, hands and minds.

The kindness kits include everything from small toys, coloring pads and crayons to reading books and stickers. Kits made for kids by kids.

“They need it because they’re feeling sad and many emotions and I want them to see the good emotions, like happy,” Violet said.

McKenzie Hopkins is a volunteer and engagement manager at LSS Choices. She says kids are scared and nervous when they come to the shelter and these kits help make them feel better.

"At Choices, we try to do different things to brighten up the children when they first get here. So, right when they get into the shelter, we give them these kits and that is to welcome them and say hi, welcome to Choices, you are safe and we are here to support you,” Hopkins said.

“I've seen the way that the organization has helped, not just my parenting, but my kids in a way that they've changed.  You know, I've seen development of just the emotional quotient there. Just seeing them developing their love for others, compassion for others,” Todd Walter said.

Walter is a dad whose kids participate in Seeds of Caring. He’s also a board member with the organization.  

He says getting your children involved with community service is something all families should consider, and Seeds of Caring makes it easy.

“It creates great conversations for families. I mean, that drive home from every one of those activities when we did them in person, was phenomenal,” he says. “You can really engage them and hear what they're thinking, help them process the emotions.”

If you’d like to learn more or get your family involved with Seeds of Caring, you can visit their website.

We want to hear from you about where you found the love. If you know of a person doing something kind for someone else and spreading the love, tell us about it. We may feature them in an upcoming story.