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Lewis Center mother is cooking with compassion for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving she’s cooking up traditional holiday meals for complete strangers.

Despite everything going on in her life, Kelley Lewis is still thinking of others. 

This Thanksgiving she’s cooking up traditional holiday meals for complete strangers. 

“This year has been a hot mess for all of us,” Lewis said. “We have neighbors who may have lost a job, gotten sick, or just find themselves isolated and alone. They may not know where their Thanksgiving meal is coming from.”

It all started with a Facebook post by an overwhelmed, stressed-out mom looking for a good place to just buy dinner. The woman had a new baby and was just too frazzled to even think of cooking dinner for her family.

“My suggestion was, I love to cook, and I would love to make you a meal,” Lewis told 10TV.

The woman didn’t take her up on the offer, but a seed was planted. Lewis got the idea to cook Thanksgiving dinners for neighbors in need. 

She’s documenting the entire process on social media calling it “Neighborsgiving.”

She posted the offer on social media.  What happened next was something she never expected.

“Before anyone even took me up on my offer, I got messages after messages and shares and likes from people saying they wanted to help me execute this,” she said.

Her act of good will suddenly grew wings and spread across her Lewis Center community.  People have donated food, money for groceries, even their time and talent in the kitchen to help her make this happen.

Lewis was amazed by all the support from people and how they stepped up to help without ever being asked. 

“My family, we’re fortunate. I’m a mom and regardless of anyone’s walk of life, a mom deserves to be able to know she can take care of her kids and her family,” says Lewis. “Just reading through the messages, not just the stories of hardship, but the level of appreciation from people was overwhelming.”

Now, Kelley Lewis and a host of helpers are providing Thanksgiving dinners for 18 families, a total of 80 people, who are struggling during this pandemic.

If you want to help out or make a donation, you can find more information and see how it’s all coming together on the Neighborsgiving Facebook page.

“Everyone deserves a special Thanksgiving,” Lewis said.

We want to hear from you about where you found the love. If you know of a person doing something kind for someone else and spreading the love, tell us about it. We may feature them in an upcoming story.