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Nominate your 'Classroom Hero'

Each week a Classroom Hero will be spotlighted on Wake Up CBUS. You can nominate teachers, coaches or any staff member who is making an impact.
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*Nominee has to be willing to be featured and interviewed, preferably on camera.

Teachers and educators make a huge impact on our children and, once again, this school year has been especially challenging in the face of the pandemic.

Join the Ohio Education Association, 97.1 The Fan and 10TV in honoring these heroes.

Each week a "Classroom Hero" will be spotlighted on 10TV News. You can nominate teachers, coaches, or any staff member who is making an impact.

Nominate your Classroom Hero today.

Classroom Heroes featured on 10TV: 

Credit: Larry Carey, Classroom Hero

Larry Carey has been known to stop along a park trail and make a recording for his students. In fact, he’s found videos have been a helpful way to get his young students at Trevitt Elementary through the pandemic. More about Larry

Credit: Matt Stanley, Classroom Hero

Matt Stanley is the band director at Washington High School. His former student said Stanley knows how much of a difference music can make in a young person's life. More about Matt

Credit: Angel Palmer

Angel works in the East Guernsey Local School District as an educator, which is actually a second career for her. She started out as a radiographer. More about Angel

Credit: Elise Dawkins, a Classroom Hero

Elise Dawkins works with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers throughout the hospital and dialysis clinic. She provides developmental play and support, like what the children would get in the classroom but in a medical setting. More about Elise

Credit: Charmaine Campbell

Charmaine is in her sixth year as principal at Parkmoor Elementary School. She wrote a children's book and does her best to act as a role model for kids. More about Charmaine 

Credit: Brooke Phipps

Brooke has had quite the year of teaching, only her third in the profession. But it seems she was destined to be an educator. More about Brooke

Credit: Robin Henderson

Robin may joke about getting too old for work, but she puts in a lot of work both outside and inside the classroom. She is not only a bus driver; she's also a custodian for the school district. More about Robin 

Credit: David Walker, a Classroom Hero

David has been teaching kindergarten for roughly 30 years. He spends his time getting to know both his students and their parents. He did home visits prior to the school year starting, despite the pandemic. More about David

Credit: Angela Harris, Classroom Hero

Angela Harris has been teaching for 17.5 years with 15 of them at Berne Union Elementary School. She is known for hosting small dance parties for her students and engaging them in cardio drumming with portions of pool noodles. More about Angela 

Credit: WBNS-10TV
Kathy Ponn

Kathy Ponn became an instructional assistant in kindergarten with Columbus City Schools. She has now been with the district for 36 years. More about Kathy

Credit: Megan Bartlett

Megan Bartlett from Columbus City Schools teaches music at both Burroughs Elementary School and Lindbergh Elementary School. More about Megan

Credit: J.J. Labatte, Classroom Hero

J.J. LaBatte from Crooksville High School. He not only teaches English, but he also helps students earn college credit as an adjunct professor, coaches track, and advises the National Honor Society. More about J.J.

Credit: WBNS-10TV
Tabitha Fisher

Tabitha Fisher teaches kindergarten at Avalon Elementary School. During the pandemic when turning to e-learning she went across town delivering school supplies to students at their homes. More about Tabitha

Credit: Classroom Hero, Alena Smith, WBNS

Alena Smith is a 2nd-grade teacher at Adena Elementary. She teaches students online and in-person at the same time during the pandemic. More about Alena

Credit: Kate Silver, WBNS

Kate Silver is an 8th-grade intervention specialist at Liberty Union Middle School. She's known for going out of her way to make her students feel special. More about Kate.

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