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Cold Case Detectives Hope To Solve 28-Year-Old Murder

A mother and her young son were murdered more than 28 years ago, but detectives are still working to solve the case. Get the details.

A young other and her 18-month-old child were strangled, suffocated, and nearly swept away andafter 28 years cold case detectives are still  working toward justice, CrimeTracker 10'sAngela An reported Wednesday.

On Sept. 13, 1981 Janice Beidleman left a relative's home for the grocery store, but the youngmother never made it.

The body of Beidleman, 21, her car and her son were found near the Alum Creek shoreline, justoff Agler Road on the city's north side.

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 "Her car was beneath the bridge, there's a service road that leads to the creek and thesuspect found that and drove down," said Columbus Police Det. Dana Farbacher.

Witnesses told police they saw the car, but thought nothing of it.

Before their bodies were dumped, police said the killer first assaulted Beidleman here at PutterAvenue.  They found jewelry and other belongings and other people nearby remember hearing awoman screaming and a baby crying, An reported.

Leola Corne still lives in the same home she did 28 years ago - just off Putter Avenue.

"All she said it was such a wicked scream, like she was really being hurt, real wicked," Cornesaid.

Detectives said they don't know at what point Janice Beidleman was strangled and beaten or whenher son Brandon was suffocated with a pillow.

But the thought still angers residents.

"That there was a little kid involved, and that was the main thing that concerned me because thelittle kid didn't have a chance at life," Corne said.

That is why detectives hope this story will give a mother and her child some justice that islong overdue.

"That really takes a different, a very cruel type of person to do something like that,"Farbacher said.

Detectives have resubmitted evidence and were re-interviewing family members and witnesses, andCrime Stoppers has offered a reward of up to $5,000 for any information that can help solve thecase.

Those with information are asked to call 614-461-TIPS.

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