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Chillicothe Police Officer Falls Asleep While Driving, Strikes 3 Vehicles

A Chillicothe police officer struck three vehicles early Tuesday morning. Find out more.

A Chillicothe police officer will continue working on the streets after he admits to falling asleep driving his cruiser and smashing into three parked vehicles.

Mike Kraft says he was sitting in his living room watching a movie, relaxing before heading to bed about 5 a.m., when he knew something bad happened just outside his front door.

"I heard a big, loud, metal crash and came to open the door to find out what was going on," he said.

The police report states that Chillicothe Police Officer Terry Brown was driving southbound along Bowman Road when Brown fell asleep behind the wheel, causing him to drive off the right side of the road, hitting three parked vehicles.  

Mike Kraft's Honda Accord got the worst of it.

The whole back end was smashed in.

He says he think it will have to be totaled.

The force of the crash pushed both Kraft's Accord and Ford Explorer up onto the sidewalk.

Kraft says with two damaged cars, it will be challenging for him and his wife to get to their jobs.

"Traumatizing may be a strong word, but they are our only means of transportation,” he said.

Chillicothe Police Officer Bud Lytle says the department regrets the crash happened.

He says an internal investigation is already under way.

"We are a public safety agency,” Lytle said.  “Our primary goal is the safety of the public, but unfortunately, these types of things do happen."

"I admire officers for what they do,” Kraft said.  “They are here to protect us, but not to hurt us or our property."

Kraft says he feels unlucky but is still thankful no one got hurt.

"Tomorrow will be another day,” he said.  “God willing, everything will work out for us. I pray for the best."

Police say city insurance will cover the cost of the damage to the three vehicles.

Brown has been on the police force for more than 10 years.

The police report says the cruiser was moving at 5 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Brown was not hurt and will continue working the street as the internal investigation continues.

Lytle could not confirm if a drug or alcohol test was performed on the officer after the crash.

Lytle also says this incident will be used as a training tool for the entire police force.

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