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'He really is a true superhero': Georgia 10-year-old jumps in to save classmate's life

Chandler Gibson, 10, says he saved his friend's life after watching a video on YouTube.

DACULA, Ga. — It was just an average school day when 10-year-old Chandler Gibson saw his classmate choking on an apple during lunch.

"I saw him choking and I ran over to help," the Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary student said.

Gibson's principal, Lynn Hanson, said it's no surprise Gibson jumped in to help. She said the fifth grader has always been a leader on campus and self-motivated.

“When he’s interested in something he goes all in," added Hanson.

Gibson said it all happened on Tuesday while his class was eating lunch outside. He said just days earlier he had watched a Heimlich maneuver tutorial video online.

“I usually watch YouTube and it popped up and a kid started choking on a piece of food and I thought about it and did it," said Gibson.

Gibson's teachers were in awe of his quick thinking - including the Decatur Schools Superintendent, Dr. Gyimah Whitaker.

“To think I see a peer choking and think 'I’m going to remain calm. Utilize what I learned online to save their life - he really is a true superhero," said Whitaker.

Gibson's mom, Jennifer Sellers, said her son is the oldest of her three children and he continues to surprise her every day.

“It makes me feel like my parenting hasn’t gone in vain," said Sellers.

Whitaker said Gibson's actions are inspiring her to look at ways to train all students and staff on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

The district is honoring Gibson during a ceremony next Friday. Decatur Fire recognized him earlier this week for his life-saving efforts.

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