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California Man's Mugshot Going Viral

A mugshot has taken social media by storm. Get the details.

Move over, Jeremy Meeks, there's a new bad boy in town when it comes to lawbreakers the Internet lusts after.

You might remember Meeks, the California man who, despite a rap sheet littered with charges related to gang membership, firearm possession and grand theft,  became a viral sensation in June because of his attractive mugshot.

Now, Sean Kory has stolen the social media spotlight after his alleged Halloween escapades and subsequent police photograph.

The man in the picture is 29-year-old Kory of Santa Cruz, California.

Police said Kory was dressed as a female tennis star when he allegedly assaulted another party-goer in Santa Cruz on Halloween.

Officers said Kory assaulted a man dressed as a conservative news reporter, grabbing his fake microphone and hitting the victim with his tennis racket. The victim was not hurt, but identified Kory and pointed him out to officers.

Since his arrest, Kory's mugshot sparked numerous reactions on Twitter, many from women praising his looks or comparing him to Meeks.

Meeks mugshot went viral this summer after he was arrested in Stockton, California. Meeks was charged in July with felon possession of a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol. He was arrested on July 18th. He also had a felony grand theft conviction from 2002.

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