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Bexley Considering Speed-Enforcement Cameras

People speeding through Bexley might want to watch out. Learn more.

People used to speeding through Bexley might want to slow down.

Bexley City Council is considering the use of speed-enforcement cameras to catch drivers breaking traffic laws.

“Speeding is something that all of our residents are worried about,” said Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler.

Kessler said that he and the police chief have looked at other options to slow speeders and catch criminals, but he said those ideas were kicked to the curb.

“If you're using the law to drive your revenue, I think you have an inherent conflict of interest,” said Kessler.

But the city needs money and has put together an Alternative Revenue Task Force.

“We tried to look for win-win situations, whether it be helping our businesses or promoting our safety, and speed cameras fit perfectly into that because our number one objective is to provide a safe environment,” said Jim Bowman, Chairman of the Alternative Revenue Task Force.

The mayor said speed signs cause a 75 percent decrease in speeding and increase safety. That’s why some question what more speed cameras can do.

“I don't want to be a community where people think we're out to get you or are trying to enforce our laws, which are legitimate laws for good reasons, simply to make money,” said Kessler.

“I think we very much tried to look for areas where there is pedestrian traffic, and in particular children in school zones to recommend the cameras,” said Bowman.

The cameras are expected to generate about $150,000 each, bringing nearly $1 million annually for the city.

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