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The “bathroom bandit” is stealing from stalls around Columbus

A pilferer of potties is targeting local loos.

A pilferer of potties is targeting local loos.

According to Columbus police, an unidentified man has stolen parts from urinals and toilets at eateries on Georgesville Road and West Broad Street, a Kmart on Stringtown Road and even Mount Carmel West Hospital.

In many of the cases, the man disconnects the plumbing and leaves with the parts in a backpack.

Targeted Locations:

  • Mount Carmel West, 793 W. State St. (4/14 & 4/22)
  • Applebees, 1590 Georgesville Sq. Dr. (4/26)
  • Kmart, 2400 Stringtown Rd. (4/26)
  • McDonalds, 1524 Georgesville Rd. (4/27)
  • McDonalds, 800 Georgesville Rd. (4/27)
  • Taco Bell, 1536 Georgesville R. (4/27)
  • McDonalds, 4601 W. Broad St. (4/27)
  • McDonalds, 3636 W. Broad St. (4/27)

No word yet if he at least washed his hands after his dirty crimes.

The suspect is described as a white male, 40-50 years old, 5'7"-5'11", 180-200 pounds. He has been seen driving a black Honda Accord.

Anyone with information on the so-called “bathroom bandit” is asked to contact Columbus police at 614-645-4780.