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Airlines Get Ready To Offer "Last Class" Seating

A new set of seats that are cheaper, and more uncomfortable, than coach.

If you thought coach could not be more degrading or uncomfortable, think again.

According to a USA Today report, big airlines are getting ready to take off with a new and unofficial seating category: last class.

The seats will be smaller and closer together and unassigned. Customers who chose this option would be unable to exchange or refund tickets, and can expect scarce service.

But you get what you pay for. The seats will be cheap.

It is a way for the major carriers to stay competitive with discount carriers, like Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier. The discount airlines may offer more affordable flying options, but they also had the highest rate of complaints in the industry, and some of the worst on-time arrival rates.

There is no word yet how much of a discount these tickets would be compared to coach.

American Airlines announced that starting next year, it will offer "no frills" tickets that are comparable to discount carriers. Delta Airlines offers "basic" economy tickets, which locks customers into their tickets without any changes.