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4 Deaths Prompt Graco Stroller Recall

Baby gear maker Graco is recalling about 2 million strollers after receiving reports of four infant strangulations.

Baby gear maker Graco is recalling about 2 million strollers after receiving reports of fourinfant strangulations in the strollers.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which announced the recall Wednesday, said the infantstrangulations occurred between 2003 and 2005.
The strollers being recalled are older versions of the Graco Quattro Tour and MetroLitestrollers, all made before 2007.
CPSC says if a baby isn't strapped into the stroller, he or she can slide through the openingbetween the stroller tray and the bottom of the seat - where the child can get stuck and bestrangled.

Models included in the recall are:

Quattro Stroller
Distributed Between
Nov 2002 - Dec 2007

Quattro Stroller Travel System
Distributed Between
Oct 2002 - Oct 2007

MetroLite Stroller
Distributed Between
Nov 2000 - Dec 2007

MetroLite Travel System

Distributed Between
Dec 2000 - June 2005

Models Affected: 35735, 35759, 7111ASB, 7111BKW, 7111CLN, 7111CUN, 7111DIA,  7111HEA,7111HIG, 7111LAG, 7111KSH, 7112CNP, 7112MTR, 7113CJR, 7113CMR,  7113COT, 7119GGG, 7119WSR,7121MAY, 7125QST, 7126RNS, 7127LEG, 7132RXY,  7134SMB, 7138RNS, 35760, 7411ATR, 7411BGN,7411BGN2, 7411BLB, 7411KBK,  7411KBK2, 7411LV, 7411MCH, 7411MCH2, 7411MLY, 7411MLY2, 7419LIM,7419LIM2,  7419OWD2, 7B00BDA, 7B00DRB, 7B00KAS, 7B01MNS, 7B03CST2, 7B03LTC2, 7B03TFE2, 1104, 1240, 6110DW, 6110F3, 6110S7, 6110TS7, 6111FKB, 6111VIN, 6113SCR,  6114HAV, 6114JAM,6114LAG, 6114NGS, 6116NRF, 6120SHL, 6121CJG, 6121CNP,  6121GGG, 6121MTR, 6123EME, 6124LRD,6125SMB, 6J01DAI, 6J01HRL, 6J03RIT,  6J04JEN, 6J05MIN, 1070, 7000KSB, 7308DEL, 7308DEL2,7308DEL4, 7308TYR,
7308TYR2, 7406PLT, 7408MRT, 7409GRG, 7410CON, 7413CML, 7413MRN, C7413CML  NOTE: Quattroand MetroLite strollers ending with the number 3 are NOT  affected by this recall.

The strollers were sold at AAFES, Babies R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Fred  Meyer, Kmart,Meijers, Navy Exchange, Sears, Target, Walmart and other stores  nationwide between November2000 and December 2007 for between $90 and $190  for the strollers, and between $190 and $250for travel systems.

The strollers were manufactured in China.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled strollers and contact  Graco for afree repair kit. To order a repair kit, contact Graco toll-free at  (877) 828-4046 anytime, orvisit the firm's website at www.gracobaby.com.  Consumers can continue use of thestroller as a "travel system." When the  stroller is used with the infant car seat, theentrapment and strangulation  hazards posed by the space gap are not present.

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