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23 crashes reported near deadly Ohio intersection since 2019

A map provided by Highway Patrol shows there have been 23 crashes within 100 feet of the US-23 and Lewis Center Road intersection since 2019.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An 87-year-old woman was killed earlier this month when her car was hit by a semi-truck at the intersection of US-23 and Lewis Center Road.

Lillian Botha was making a left turn when the truck ran a red light on April 5, according to Ohio Highway Patrol. The Traffic Crash report from the Ohio Department of Safety lists the crash as other improper actions.

Tom Engberg was driving through the intersection as the crash investigation was still underway. He drives through the area at least once a day and tells 10TV it's common to see motorists running red lights and speeding at the intersection. 

“I think anyone who lives in this area knows we’ve seen an increase in volume if traffic and the speed limit in the area, in my opinion, is a little too high,” said Engberg. “There are a lot of people going through here. Family friends, neighbors, and it’s just become a dangerous intersection and I don’t think it’s going to get any safer.”

Traffic at the intersection is down due to the pandemic, but according to the Ohio Department of Transportation, it's estimated about 55,000 vehicles pass through the area per day. ODOT says engineers reviewed the signal operation after the crash and everything was working properly. Currently, the US-23 and Lewis Center Road intersection is not flagged as a high-crash location and is not being studied. 

A map provided by Highway Patrol shows there have been 23 crashes within 100 feet of the intersection since 2019. The severity ranges from property damage to major injury.

Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

ODOT tells 10TV they have had two written complaints about the US-23 and Lewis Center Road crossing. One came in after the deadly crash and another in 2019, both citing issues with the signal at the intersection and with drivers running red lights or excessively slowing down to turn. Phone call complaints from the public are not recorded, according to a spokesperson.

Engberg hopes officials consider this intersection while monitoring others.

“We’ve outgrown the speed limit here. I would like to see something proactively done instead of another reaction,” said Engberg.

ODOT released 30 areas in Central Ohio that are on the Governor's List of 150 Dangerous Intersections in the state. These intersections will continue to be monitored for crash trends and the department will make decisions accordingly, a spokesperson said. 

You can find the list below: