Newly Released Video Shows How Trooper Preyed On Women


A random spot check of traffic stop dash cameras sparked an internal investigation that caused a Highway Patrol trooper his job.

The trooper, pled guilty in federal court last year, but video and details of how the trooper preyed on some women was just released by the Ohio Highway Patrol.

The dash camera video released shows Trooper Bryan Lee making a traffic stop  in September 2013.  The video was randomly selected for a review the next month; such monthly spot reviews of dash cameras is a practice the highway patrol commonly does,  said Lt. Craig Cvetan, spokesman for the patrol.

When supervisors saw how Lee handled the women, they launched an investigation. Lee later resigned.


According to dash cam video of the stop, Lee said he pulled the driver over after she cut him off. She admitted to Lee she had been drinking earlier that night.

The video shows she and her passenger, who are not named in the investigation, flirting with the trooper. At one point, the passenger even offers to flash the trooper saying “we’ll play this game.”

Lee responds, “We can play that game once I turn the camera off.”

He turns off the audio to the microphone on his uniform several times during the stop that lasts about 30 minutes.  Lee says he can smell alcohol on the driver and she appears to fail one part of the sobriety test. However, she is allowed to drive off without being charged.

The dash camera shows the passenger joining the trooper in his car before the video is turned off.  She later told investigators the trooper took a picture of her breasts.

The investigation also showed Lee tracked the passenger down on Facebook the next day, saying he was “probably wrong” but had a fun time.  He repeatedly messaged her over the next two months, including one time saying he saw her at the fair and described what she was wearing.

She rarely responded, saying once she found his actions “creepy.”

“I felt bad for making you do that last time,” he wrote to the passenger.

This was not the only case of impropriety the case file shows. A woman also told investigators that she had sex with Lee in his cruiser two or three times. Another woman who was found with heroin was let go after she showed Lee her breasts.

Lee was a trooper from January 2006 to October 2013. He is married with 3 children and is serving his 60-month prison sentence in a federal prison.