Newly-installed ShotSpotter program put to use in Hilltop neighborhood


New technology that was put in place just three weeks ago already seems to be working. The city of Columbus installed the ShotSpotter technology into the Hilltop neighborhood earlier this month.

This week, three people walked through a vacant lot to the alleyway when one pulled out a gun and fired off a couple of shots.

Columbus Police say none of the neighbors made a phone call, but police were alerted thanks to the new ShotSpotter program

“You hear gunshots all the time. You just never know where they came from,” said neighbor Tiffany Hoover.

Hoover admits she doesn't call police when she hears shots fired, either. That's why Columbus police say ShotSpotter is worth the $700,000 investment. Systems have been placed around the neighborhood, then an alert is sent to police. It helps officers pinpoint exactly where the shots came from, even if neighbors do not.

Neighbors are hoping criminals will hear the message loud and clear and stop shooting.

“Bullets don't have any eyes. The shot could ricochet, hit somebody in the house,” said resident Deborah Conner.