Newborn safely surrendered at Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box

Baby Box in Seymour, Indiana. (WTHR)

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WTHR) — A healthy baby was safely surrendered at a baby box in a fire station in Seymour, Indiana.

The infant was immediately rushed to a local hospital.

The box was installed just this past year.

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“We are proud to have this resource available for the residents of Seymour, Indiana,” said Fire Chief Brad Lucas. “We strive everyday to ensure the safety of our residents and this is just a way to ensure the safety of newborns.”

Seymour Fire Department said it was notified by the alarm as soon as the newborn’s mother opened the outside door to place her baby in the box.

Within 60 seconds, the newborn baby was retrieved from the box and received medical care.

This is the fifth baby surrendered in a baby box in the past two years in Indiana and the third to be surrendered in the past 134 days.

The Seymour box is one of 21 active baby boxes in Indiana.

In October of last year, a woman found a newborn baby wrapped up in a plastic bag while walking her dog.

The baby was wrapped with a blanket over her face inside of a plastic bag. She was just a few hours old and after being treated at the hospital, was released to a foster family.

There were questions at the time about why the Baby Box wasn't used and concern that bilingual language not being on the box might have led to what happened.

The group behind the Baby Boxes had already begun the process of printing signs, brochures, billboards and other materials in Spanish and sped that up after the October incident.