Newark’s latest development Canal Market District opens


In the early 1900's, downtown Newark was a sleepy town where people rode their horse and buggies.

Back then, it was common for folks to get fresh produce at the family market.

It's also a place that shaped a young man by the name of Gilbert Reese.

“He grew up in Newark he was born in 1925,” Gilbert’s daughter Sarah Reese Wallace said. “This entire district was dad's vision… he started envisioning in about 1980.”

Today, that vision is realized and named Canal Market District. It's billed as the best farmers market in the mid-west.

After decades of buying property and designing pavilions, Newark's farmers market is nearly complete. The market sits on what was once the Ohio-Erie Canal.

“He wanted to bring back to Newark's former glory,” Sarah said.

Paid for with investments from the J Gilbert Reese Foundation and the Tommy J Evans Foundation, this newest addition to Newark's Historic Neighborhood is expected to draw not only those who enjoy fresh produce but also those looking to live downtown.

“We have young people moving into downtown Newark. This just energizes it and just gives them a place for great recreation,” she said.

The Canal Market is unique in that it will assist those enrolled in a food supplemental nutrition program.

The goal is to get as many people eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Canal Market District will be open from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays through October. Parking is available at 53 S. Second St.  For more information, go to