Newark WWII veteran lines street that bears his name with American flags


Each Memorial Day, Bob Mellars makes sure to honor our country's military.

"It's a great day to remember," said Mellars.

The 92-year old World War II veteran decorates his front yard and lines the street in American flags.

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"I've been to China. I've been to Japan. I've been to England. I've been to Scotland. All different countries — and this is still the best country in the world," Mellars said.

Mellars and all of his siblings served in the military.

"My older sister, she was in the WAC (Women's Army Corps). And, then my next brother, he served in Italy," said Mellars. "My next brother down served in Vietnam and Korea. And then my next brother was in the Navy. Of course, he followed the oceans. And then my youngest sister was in the Marine Corps.

Since then, 13 other family members have followed in his footsteps. That's a total of 20 military members. So far, each of them has survived their tours of duty.

"I feel proud," Mellars said while holding back tears. "It was an honor to serve."

Mellars has a niece, five nephews and three great nephews who are currently serving.