Newark Police Investigate Internet Stalking of Teen Girls


Newark Police are investigating an alarming story from two teenage girls.

The girls say they were contacted online by a man, who then told them he was watching them at school.

The girls are 13 and 14.

Their mothers say both are special needs students, making them even more vulnerable to the stranger who initiated a conversation online, then took it a frightening step further.

They are 13 and 14 year old friends, never far from each other or their cell phones, but the devices that keep them in constant contact with each other were the open window an intruder was looking for.

He said his name was Steven and he told the girls he was 40," said the mother of the 13 year old.

To protect the anonymity of the girls, 10TV is not identifying them or their mothers.

They say it started with a Facebook message to one of the girls.

He was able to get her cell phone number, and then asked for much more.

"He wanted both of them to meet him and spend the night with him and do inappropriate things with him," said one of the mothers. "He is fully aware that they are minors, fully aware that they are little children."

The girls say the situation escalated to a new level of scary last Tuesday, when they said he texted them as they were getting on their school bus at Wilson Middle School.

"He say 'where me and my friend at?' I said 'I don't know,'" said the 14 year old. "He said, 'I see you.' I said, 'where?' He said on my bus."

"He said that he was at the school," said the 13 year old. "And he said that he was waiting for us. And he was going to give us a kiss and a hug. And he knows what bus we ride."

They said he told them the bus number to prove it, and he was right.

That was when one of the girls told her mother.

"She was so frantic when she came in the door," said the mother of the 13 year old.

The mothers immediately notified police, and told the man to cease contact.

His response, still on the girl's phone said "What did I do wrong?"

"He's still walking the streets and he's still texting them," said the 13 year old's mother. "It makes you scared for your kids every day they walk out the door."

Newark Police tell 10tv they believe the girls' story is legitimate, and that they do have information on a suspect.

At this point, no one has been charged.