New Transportation Law Raises Bar For New Ohio Drivers


Ohio is raising the bar for young and inexperienced drivers who want to get their license.

The Maria's Message campaign, dedicated to ending distracted driving, will get a boost from the bill the governor signed into law this week.

Lance Hall's 16-year-old daughter, Savannah, is testing for her driver's license Friday. Hall says it makes him nervous.

"It's hard, but any parent that's got a kid that's gonna be driving - it's scary for them," he said.

This week, Gov. John Kasich signed a transportation bill that, in part, increases training and restrictions for some new drivers. Under the new law, Ohio becomes the first state to require simulators as part of the driving test.

Now anyone who waits until they're 18 to get their driver's license has one chance to pass the driving test. If they fail, they're required to take a driving course before they can try again.

Currently, 16-year-old drivers are restricted from having more than one non-family member in the car. The new law disregards age. Instead, restrictions are based on how much experience you have behind the wheel.

10TV's Dom Tiberi testified before lawmakers last month urging them to pass the bill which also makes distracted driving a citable offense.

In part the changes support Maria's Message as well as the message Hall preaches to his own daughter.

"No texting. No talking on the phone. Always wear your seat belt," he said.