New report finds Columbus as a top city for tech growth

Columbus, Ohio (WBNS-10TV / Chris Blake)
When you think about tech jobs, Silicon Valley immediately comes to find.

Southern California sounds appealing with its beaches and great weather, but the astronomical cost of living in the area may make some people in the tech field look for more affordable living in the midwest.

According to a new report, Columbus, Ohio may meet those needs.

Commercial real estate giant CBRE released its Scoring Tech Talent Report that has found Columbus is one of the best cities in the U.S. and in Canada for high tech talent growth. Columbus ranks seventh for tech markets with serious momentum and growth, beating out the Orange County, California and Sacramento markets.

"Not only have we seen growth in tech workers, we are also seeing growth in their wages, which is great because we have a lower overall cost of living" CBRE managing director Michael Copella said. "It's a great marriage of higher wages plus low cost of living which makes Columbus a great place to grow a business.

Madiscon, Wiconsin ranks No. 1 on the list with the most growth and best cost of living for people in the tech career field.

The report also cited Columbus as the No. 1 city for tech employees for best cost of living.

As for tech jobs in the Ohio capital city area, they are growing. Consumer 10 reached out to the Workforce Development Board, and right now there are 850 IT jobs in and around the metropolitan area.