New procedure aims to correct bunions at the source

(Photo: Treace)

Three-dimensional technology is being used to tackle a foot problem that plagues millions: bunions. The painful condition develops out of bone deformity that, for millions, can only be remedied through surgery.

Columbus podiatrist David Kaplansky is taking the lead on a new bunion correction procedure called lapiplasty. The surgery addressed the source of the problem, which Dr. Kaplansky said is the unstable middle foot joint.

“What we do is use special techniques and tools to get into the joint and then we actually rotate this bone into place, and we use a clamp to close it in all three dimensions," he said.

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Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. developed the procedure which involves patented titanium technology. Patients have indicated they are back on their feet faster, with many able to walk in a surgical boot after surgery.

Dr. Kaplansky said not everyone with a bunion needs to have surgery.

“If we start to see the progression of the toe moving over, the joint becomes arthritic, starts to develop hammer toes and the balls of the feet start to hurt, that’s usually because of the instability of the foot," he said.