New numbers show how distracted driving affects Ohioans

New numbers show how distracted driving affects Ohioans

Distracted driving is an unacceptable and dangerous behavior, yet new numbers show more than two thirds of people still do it.

Last year, more than 13,000 Ohio drivers crashed while being distracted by something inside their vehicle. Thirty nine of those distracted drivers were responsible for fatal accidents that resulted in 43 deaths.

AAA spokeswoman, Kimberly Schwind, said many drivers want you to do as they say and not as they do. She also said that AAA continues to advocate for tougher laws and stronger enforcement. Without them, the numbers will only go up.

In America, 46 states have banned texting for all drivers and 14 of those states have banned talking on handheld phones. In Ohio, texting and driving is considered a secondary offense. Across the country, the worst offenders are between the ages 25-39 years old.

A 2014 survey shows that 96% of 400 Ohioans polled view typing on their phone while behind the wheel is unacceptable. But of that same group of people, nearly 30% say they still do it.

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