New Mount Carmel video: 'Don’t let misguided actions of a few' taint view of hospitals


COLUMBUS (WBNS) — Mount Carmel Health System has produced a new video featuring doctors, nurses and pharmacists providing positive messages about the hospital while urging others not let the “misguided actions of a few” taint the public perception of the care Mount Carmel provides.

The video, obtained and viewed by 10 Investigates, begins by saying: “There are many things being said about Mount Carmel these days. But they do not define us.”

This video featuring caregivers is undoubtedly meant to contrast a steady stream of news reports regarding Mount Carmel and the scandal surrounding it - which broke more than a month ago.

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To date, 35 patients have been identified by the hospital as having received excessive doses of pain medications. The patients died between 2014 and 2018. The hospital has said that many of the patients were near death and in intensive care.

On Friday, Lamb announced that the hospital believes that five of the patients who died had conditions that may have improved with treatment. The hospital fired Dr. William Husel in December after an internal investigation alleged he used excessive doses of drugs like Fentanyl and others when treating these patients. State health inspectors said he often bypassed the hospital’s pharmacy by using an override function on a medication dispensing machine to gain access to the medications.

That news sits in stark contrast to the messages in this latest video.

The video also tries to create some distance between Husel and the other staff.

“And I think the hard part right now is that I think one person’s actions could have such a large impact on all of us, and affect our reputation in the community and everything we’ve worked so hard to build,” Dr. Joshua Silverstein, Mount Carmel East less than two minutes into the nearly five-minute video.

Another Mount Carmel West physician, says: “Don’t let the misguided actions of a few taint the outstanding job that has been done here for well over 100 years,”

Dr. Adam Heringhaus of Mount Carmel West says: “One story that is dominating the media does not represent the other colleagues for the entire system by any means.”

“How many hours have I spent at the bedside of a very sick patient and we’ve all put our soul into this place; it’s hard to have that sort of kicked around a little bit too. but ultimately Mount Carmel is going to come back. We are still a great place. We will continue to be a great place to work - great place to take care of patients,” Dr. David Raston of Mount Carmel West says in the video, which was viewed by 10 Investigates.

A nurse who is featured in the video but only identified as Ivy says: “We’ve always bragged about (Mount Carmel) West is the best. And we are the best because we take care of our family and our patients.”

Another nurse, only identified as a nurse named Trisha, a registered nurse at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville says: “And we always have the resources to do what we need to do what’s best for our patients. And we’ve taken a lot of initiatives with this ZeroHarm so that the nurses feel comfortable if somebody says something or if a physician requests something, if you don’t feel comfortable, you take it up the chain.”

Another nurse, only identified as Hannah at St. Ann’s says: “It gives a lot of helpful tools to use to prevent these errors from happening.”

“99.9 percent of the people that work here and the activities that go on are excellent and we’re trying to strive for 100 percent,” said Dr. Mark Herbert of Mount Carmel West.

About four minutes into the video, one nurse says: “It saddens my heart to think that publicly we are portrayed that we hurt patients.”

The hospital has announced a series of policy changes including daily monitoring of medication orders, new restrictions on what medications can be used on palliative care patients who are having their ventilators removed and retraining of staff.

The hospital issued the following statement Saturday night to 10TV :

Every day our thoughts are with the affected families. Our more than 11,000 professionals who work at Mount Carmel have dedicated their lives to healing people and saving lives. Our employees asked for a way to share how they were feeling—they wanted to show encouragement and support for one another. The YOU Define Us video was not meant to be a public video.