New law allows off-duty officers to conceal carry inside Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium (WBNS-10TV / Drone 10)

A new law aimed at adding security in case of an active shooter situation now allows off-duty officers to bring a gun inside Ohio Stadium.

Lawmakers passed House Bill 228, known as the "Stand Your Ground" bill, last year.

An amendment was added that allows all local off-duty law enforcement to have a gun on them.

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"It is very important because there is a lot of law enforcement at every game. It is nice to know who is in the stadium, and who is eligible to respond and who may respond," Ohio State University Police Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt said.

Lawmakers said the goal was to have extra help if there's ever an active-shooter situation.

"It's always good to know that you have friendly officers who are there to help. It's definitely something we would say is a benefit, but also we want to be aware who else is in the stadium to respond if need be," Spears-McNatt said.

Rosie Craig with Ohioans Against Gun Violence said the law gives a false sense of safety to fans.

"The bigger issue is that idea that we are being lulled into a sense of security that we are going to have more off-duty police officers hanging around these public places in case there's a mass shooting," Craig said.

She argues if officers are going to be at the event with their gun, they should be on-duty.

"If you are going to have police carrying their gun, the position that we at Ohioans Against Gun Violence, is that they need to be active duty and they need to be under the supervision of a supervisor," she said.

The university has asked that if any off-duty officers are planning to carry their weapon into the stadium to let them know.