New Evidence Revealed In Sexual Harassment Case Against A Franklin County Judge


10TV has obtained new evidence in the sexual harassment complaint against a Franklin County Judge.  Judge Tim Horton's accuser says he tried to intimidate her as she reported him to Human Resources.

Elise Wyant was Horton's bailiff until October 20th, when she resigned and filed that sexual harassment complaint against him.  Since then, she has produced texts and emails to prove her case, but this is the first time we're seeing and hearing what happened her last day on the job.

Elise Wyant spoke exclusively to 10TV last December about the harassment she says she endured at the hands of her former boss, Judge Tim Horton.

"That he wanted to sleep with me, wanted to see me naked, things like that, and it happened multiple times a week,” Wyant said.  Her complaint against Horton includes text messages she says he sent her.  They say "U look absolutely sensational!" and tell her "U...are smokin 2nite...smokin!!"  Another starts with, "Hey Sexy."

On October 20th, Wyant confronted Horton in his Franklin County Courthouse office.  She recorded their interaction.

"Do you feel like I'm treating you wrong?” Horton asked.

“I feel like you are, yeah.” Wyant replied.

“Why do you feel like I'm treating you wrong?”

“I feel like you're hostile to me."

"I'm sorry you feel that it's hostile,” Horton said. “It's not. I don't have any ill will, nothing...”

“You think you're always professional, in every setting we've always been in?” asked Wyant. “Including when you would smack my (expletive) when we're outside of work?”

“I'm not going there,” Horton answered. “I'm not doing any...I don't know...what you're talking about."

"I just feel like you don't respect me at all. You don't respect me as an employee, as a woman.”

“That's not true. What are you talking about? Elise, what are you talking about?”

“Just act ignorant. Just act ignorant like you don't even know.”

“I'm telling you right now,” said Horton. “That’s not fair and it- and it- and it hurts."

Courthouse security cameras picked up what happened next.  As Wyant left the office, Horton followed.  He asked her where she was going.  “I'm going to HR," she answered.

As she took the stairs, Horton took the elevator.  She walked from the third floor down to the second.  Horton is seen emerging from the elevator and continuing to follow her, she believes in an attempt to intimidate her.

Wyant walked out of camera range, but the audio continued as she walked into Human Resources and turned in her resignation and complaint against Horton.

That is when she broke down.

"I'm just done,” she cried.

“Okay, Sweetie," said Human Resources Cameo Davis.

"Judge Horton followed me down here, so I don't feel comfortable walking out by myself,” Wyant told Davis.

“Okay, I'll walk out with you. Does that sound okay?” asked David.

“Yeah," Wyant answered.

Wyant and her attorney declined comment for our story.  Judge Horton and his attorney did not return our calls.

A panel of court administrators investigated Wyant's claims but reached no conclusions about wrongdoing, and said it had no authority to discipline Horton.

The Supreme Court disciplinary counsel could take up the matter, but doesn't comment on pending investigations.  Since Wyant filed her complaint, Horton has been elected to the 10th District Court of Appeals.