New Dredging At Buckeye Lake Could Help Boats Navigate In Low Water


Dredging equipment is back at Buckeye Lake and already at work.   The equipment strips a layer of the lake bottom off, removing silt.  It comes at a time when the state is closely monitoring the lake following a report the dam could fail at any moment.

Mitch Lynd and Karl Miller have been boating on Buckeye Lake for around 70 years.  In that time, they say they've never dealt with the low water situation at the lake.

This comes after a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers report, that warned of a catastrophic dam failure, forced the state to keep Buckeye Lake at winter pool levels.

That made launching boats a challenge for two the old friends.

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The dredging going on at the lake happens annually.  The process removes silt off the bottom of the lake to make it more navigable.  But the state says this time, the process could help some boats navigate in the winter pool levels.

“The dredge actually cuts a channel that allows boats to skim over or pass over a deeper portion of the lake but that does not affect the lake level,” explains John Wisse of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Because Mitch and Karl have their heart set on going fishing, they’re going to give it another try.

The second attempt works and there is finally success, then a sober second thought: "I feel good, the only thing I'm worried about is getting it back out of the water,” Karl wonders.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources says boaters need to be at least 100 feet away from those orange balls.  The dredging work will be performed about eight hours a day, five days a week - through the summer.