New Details Emerge In Deadly Chillicothe Shooting (UPDATE)


UPDATE: Jerry Way died from his injuries stemming from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Click here for our latest update.


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A young woman is dead in Ross County after Chillicothe Police say she was shot to death by her brother in law.

Social media posts may offer insight into the thoughts of the accused killer.

Police say after killing his sister in law, Jerry Way took off. Hours later he was found in Indiana.

But before attempting to take his own life, it appears he took to social media in an effort to explain himself.

A snowman decorates the front door of the home Jerry Way shared with his wife and children.

Tuesday morning, crime scene investigators surrounded the home's backyard, where a family was shattered by violence.

Neighbors were stunned to hear what sounded like gunshots before 7 a.m. Lisa Hyden's husband ran to investigate.

"He called and told me to stay inside and lock the doors because a woman was shot in the backyard,” she said.

Police say that woman was 28 year old April Lazar.  They identify Jerry Way as her brother in law, and her killer.

In a 911 call, Way's wife says she saw him shoot her sister.

Suspect In Custody After Early Morning Shooting Death In Chillicothe

"She relayed that it was her estranged husband, that he had moved out a couple days earlier,” Chillicothe Police Officer Bud Lytle said. “She alludes to the domestic situation where she says, I believe in the 911 tape, that she was stabbed with a knife a few days prior. She alludes to a lot of domestic issues. Her exact words were my husband shot my sister."

Police released a photo seeking information on Way, who left the scene. They called him armed and dangerous.

As they searched for him, someone posted from the Facebook account Way shared with his wife.

The post read: "No one know (sic) what I've been through and no it wasn't right and in the end I'm going to take my own life but there is a lot to this."

The poster then wrote, "I want to turn myself in but I know I will get the wrong end of it."

Six minutes later, another post: "I'm so scared. People can judge me all they was just something that shouldn't of (sic) happened."

Just before noon, as police in Richmond, Indiana, located Way and approached his vehicle, they say he shot himself in the head.

Tuesday night Way was in a Dayton hospital. The hospital was withholding information about his condition.

Police say two of his children were inside the home when the shooting happened.

They say it's not clear whether the children witnessed what happened. They are in the care of their mother.