New center helps sex trafficking survivors in the Hilltop


A new center designed to help survivors of sex trafficking is reaching out to women in the Hilltop neighborhood.

For thousands of women and girls in central Ohio’s world of sex trafficking, finding a safe place with resources could be the difference between life and death.

“We want to let survivors know that there are social service agencies that care for them and provide them services if and when they are ready to leave,” Bryttani Debro, Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator with the Salvation Army said.

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Debro says The Salvation Army already operated one drop-in center on the city’s east side. In 2016 that location served 867 trafficking victims in 2017 that number jumped to more than 1000 survivors.

She says the week-old facility now allows a new group of women will now receive aid from social workers, recommendations on housing and detox facilities and a warm meal when needed.

“The survivors are human as well,” Debro said.

“Our survivors are someone’s daughter, sister, brother, cousin it can be anyone so it is very important that as a community not only do we bring awareness to what human trafficking is but we end the demand.”

The Hilltop drop-in center is currently open every Friday and is seeking volunteers. For more information click here.