New Albany grad named COSI STEM Star for helping others with prosthetics

Aaron Westbrook (middle) stands between Stephen White, COSI Vice President of External Affairs, Strategic Initiatives and Business Development (left) and New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding (right).

A graduate of New Albany High School born without his right arm is using a 3-D printer to better his own life and to help others.

Aaron Westbrook was named New Albany's COSI STEM Star.

He learned how to use a 3-D printer in high school and was able to create his own prosthetic arm.

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He then created a prosthetic arm for a 7-year-old girl at no cost for his senior project.

Westbrook is now the CEO of a non-profit organization called Form 5 Prosthetics.

He said "can't" was not in his vocabulary growing up.

"Whether you're missing a hand or a leg or whatever it may be, you shouldn’t allow that to stop you or hold you back. You should allow it to propel you forward," Westbrook said.

He creates the prosthetics out of recycled material to make them affordable and accessible.

Westbrook will be honored and celebrated as part of COSI's science festival on May 4.