Neurology chair at Ohio State retires after 40 years


After 40 years, the Chair of Neurology for OSU Wexner Medical Center is retiring.

Dr. John Kissel has treated patients with neuromuscular disorders from all over the country.

He specializes in spinal muscular atrophy and has been instrumental in one of the country's leading centers in neuromuscular medicine.

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His patients appreciate his personal touch many of whom he’s treated over their lifetime.

Advancements to conquer the disorders have been slow. For the first 38 years of Dr. Kissel's career, there were no new medication treatments.

But six new drugs have been FDA approved in the last 18 months.

Dr. Kissel hopes his legacy is seeing his team continue on to make even greater progress in the neuromuscular field.

“I think the most satisfying part of the job is you hope you can train people who take the message and carry the message out,” said Dr. Kissel.

Dr. Kissel will retire at the end of June.