Neighbors report dozens of cars vandalized in Clintonville


CLINTONVILLE, Ohio -- Neighbors in Clintonville were left to foot the bill after dozens of cars are spray painted and keyed.

Columbus Police say they took multiple criminal damaging reports over the weekend and there is no suspect to be held accountable.

"It looks like somebody got the key and went all the way across the door," Michael Ortega said.

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Michael Ortega estimates the size of the damage done to his dad's car is about three feet long.

"My dad got up in the morning and looked at it and said someone had keyed his car all up and 45 other people down the road were painted and all keyed up," Ortega said.

Columbus Police say an unknown suspect spray painted or keyed a "yet to be determined" number of parked cars.

"My car had spray paint all the way down the driver's side of it and my husband's car had been keyed all the way down the driver's side," neighbor Brittany Burch said.

Brittany Burch says the cost to fix her damage is more than $1,000.

Other neighbors who parked their cars along E Royal Boulevard and Garden Road in Clintonville may be paying costs for repairs.

"We're hoping that somebody got whoever did it on camera so that we can collect damages," Burch said.

Burch says her neighborhood is usually pretty safe.

"I don't really understand what people get out of damaging cars but I hope we're able to find who did it so that everybody can get reimbursed," she said.

Ortega isn't sure why this happened in the area either.

"Yeah it does seem unusual, especially for a neighborhood like this," he said.

Both neighbors say they hope someone is caught soon.

If you have any information about these incidents of vandalism, call the Columbus Division of Police at 614-645-4545.