Nazareth Restaurant To Close For Undetermined Amount Of Time


Nazareth restaurant opens its doors early Friday - then abruptly closes them eight days after 30-year-old Mohamed Barry attacked customers with a machete.

The owner thought he could reopen, but admits the trauma from the rampage is too much for now.

Four people were injured by Barry swinging a machete and a knife, and even though police shot and killed the suspect - the restaurant posted on social media Friday that the owner and employees need more time to heal.

A lot of people were surprised to walk up to Nazareth and see it was closed.

The owner, Hany Baransi spoke to 10TV briefly over the phone Friday and said he was very emotional about the decision to close, and half of his staff wasn't going to come back.

But the support he is getting from people in the community has been non-stop.  

“We drove out from North Linden, so 25 minutes away in rush hour to come. It's okay, we still came out to support them, but I'm bummed,” Jennie Scheinback said.

Hours after re-opening after that machete attack last Thursday, the doors at Nazareth are locked, and the lights are out.

“I feel sad about what happened, it's terrible, but I would like him to keep on going,” Scheinback said.  

About eight years ago, Scheinbach says she had a scare at her own business.

“We were robbed at gun point, and I remember the feeling of, are we going to keep going, are we not,” Scheinbach said.

But she, like dozens of customers who walked up to the popular restaurant, even while 10TV was there Friday evening, say the community wants them here.

“We support you, and we'll coming to your restaurant if you stay open,” Scheinbach said.   

“We want to respect their space as they're trying to get everything together; I mean it was a pretty terrible thing that happened,” Josiah Parkhurst said.  

Parkhurst brought a car load of friends to Nazareth for Friday night dinner.

“We're here to support them whenever they open back up,” Parkhurst said.  

“We want them to heal. We want them to get back on their feet. That's an emotional thing to go through,” Michael Alonzo said.

The windows and doors of the restaurant are now covered with notes, and well wishes hoping they return soon.

But, the note that stood out Friday night was posted on the front door, reading, "We're sorry, we are temporarily closed. We were absolutely overwhelmed with your support."

“We came from Worthington tonight,” Eric Obert said. “I want to stand with them. I want to support Nazareth and their staff.”

“I'm sorry to miss them,” Scheinback said.

The restaurant's been in business for 27 years. No word now on when Nazareth will reopen.

You can read the post from the restaurant below.

To our dear friends and family:We are sorry but the restaurant will be closing for a short time. We need more time to...

Posted by Nazareth Restaurant & Deli on Friday, February 19, 2016