Nanny Nurses Expands Services To Help Parents During Snow Days


A company originally created to help parents with sick children has expanded thanks to the rough winter weather we've had.
"Nanny Nurses" has nurses and nannies with medical backgrounds. They are ready to go to homes to watch children who are sick, if their parents are unable to stay home from work.

But with so many Central Ohio schools closed due to weather, the owner says she has been overwhelmed with requests to watch children whose parents can no longer take a day off from work.

Sisters Ava and Addison have another day off from school, but their parents couldn't get another day off from work.

Nanny Missy Boye says she got the call early Thursday morning that her services would be needed.

"It happens regularly,” said Missy Boye a medically trained Nanny.

Boye is one of the nurses, or nannies with medical backgrounds, who make up "The Nanny Nurses.”

The company was created by Aimee Doneyhue, a mother of four and licensed nurse, who says she saw a gap she could fill.

“I have four children myself, so you know they go to daycare centers, and they are fabulous centers, but they cannot accept children with fevers," said Aimee Doneyhue Owner, The Nanny Nurses, Ltd

Doneyhue says she has been able to help parents out with their sick children.

However, the past month she has been called on to care for children for reasons other than health.

“The weather, the school closures, transportation issues and things of that nature,” said Doneyhue

Doneyhue says as long as parents need extra help during this time she will do what she can to help out.

"It's a unique service I think,” said Doneyhue, “Who better to take care of your child, if you can't, than a caring nurse."