Namaste with nature: Goat yoga at Harrison Farm


GROVEPORT, Ohio -- Harrison Farm is bringing yoga back to the basics and getting all namaste with nature by bringing goats into the mix.

"There's an amount of levity to it. It has to be a situation where people are really open to adventure and want to experience it and that is how life it," Katherine Harrison, Chief Minion to the Goats at Harrison Farm, said. "Life is chaotic, life is fun, life can be difficult, but it's finding those moments of peace and joy and being in the outside world is a whole different atmosphere for it.”

Yoga with animals isn't a new concept but it is growing in popularity.

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Turns out, practicing your vinyasas in the presence of these four-legged creatures has a variety of benefits.

“I think it's hilarious," Harlee Abromson-Kuth said. "I think, seriously, it's really a back to nature kind of feeling and it's wonderful to be in this expansive area with these beautiful animals. It's all so relaxed and it's a story to take home.”

In addition to being a great story and an even greater picture for your Instagram, both yoga and animals are proven stress-relievers.

"So, they can do the practice outside, appreciate animals being around them and really get more perspective on the circle of life so they can better understand where they fit into it,” Harrison said.

"You hear them sneeze throughout and you're looking over, like, what was that," Greg Feldman said. "And you realize, oh, that was, you know, a goat sneeze. Or one of the goats coming up and laying on someone's mat, that's cute and fun to see.”

With goat yoga, it definitely helps to be an animal lover. However, the practice of yoga itself improves respiration as well as cardio and circulatory health.

"it's a great strengthener, helps with flexibility, it will help reduce stress,” Feldman said.

So, whether you're an experienced yogi or just a beginner, goat yoga is something the whole family can enjoy.

"Oh, give it a shot," Abromson-Kuth said "You only live once. Go for it. Goat for it!"