'This is My Brave' spreads mental health awareness in Central Ohio


In a unique performance “This is My Brave” humanizes mental illness and works to remove the stigma often associated with mental health issues.

In their own words, on a bright stage at Lincoln Theater, more than a dozen stories were told.

“As someone who’s been dealing with mental illness this is right up my alley,” 16-year-old Joe Perry said.

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The high school junior is currently living with ADD, depression and anxiety but is taking the stage to share an important message.

“I’m really big on trying to de-stigmatize it and not make it a shameful thing but there’s still shame attached to it.”

The program now in its sixth-year travels around the country allowing those living with mental illness to share their story in their own words. The Sunday performance at Lincoln Theater saw stories through song, dance and poetry. Each participant with a different story but the same goal – humanize mental health.

“It’s breaking down the stigma that prevents a lot of people from getting help,” This is My Brave Co-Founder Jennifer Marshall said.