Murder victim's mother pushes for violent offender registry


The family of 20-year-old murder victim Sierah Joughin told the Ohio Senate a violent offender registry will prevent future crimes. Joughin was kidnapped and murdered last year near Toledo.

James Worley of Delta, Ohio, is on trial for Joughin's murder. Worley had a past abduction conviction 26 years ago.

Joughin's family said they were shocked to discover that while there is a public registry for sex offenders and people convicted of arson, there is no public or police registry listing people convicted of murder, assault, or other violent crimes.

"There's no registry easily accessible for law enforcement when they need it most. We're talking when people go missing," said Joughin's mother Sheila Vacula. "People tend to escalate their crimes. And if someone commits a violent offense once, and they do their time and they're out, it's only a matter of time before they repeat."

Vacula testified to the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Bill 67 is continuing through committee and aims to create a violent offender registry no later than the end of the year.