Mount Carmel's "Mobile Coach" brings Narcan to the community


With a public health push to get everyone carrying Narcan, one hospital is taking the opiate overdose drug to the community and making it easy for anyone to obtain.

Mount Carmel Health Systems' mobile coach makes the rounds to different spots around town daily.

Patients can get social and mental health services and they climb on the bus for medical care. It offers everything from x-rays to minor surgery -- a virtual a mobile urgent care.

Something else offered on the mobile coach is Narcan, the drug that reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. Med Tech Steve Roth gives it out and trains people how to use it.

Roth also explains that when people come to they are often agitated and can overdose again when the Narcan wears off. He said calling 911 first is essential to make sure help is on the way.

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