Mother: "I was staring my son's murderer in the face and didn't know"


COLUMBUS -- A mother talked to the man accused of killing her son and his girlfriend every day for a week, not knowing their bodies were inside his van.

John Jordan confessed to beating and killing Ryan Fuller and Mikayla Sotherland, according to court records.

"Every day he looked at me and he told me he did not know where my son was. Please, please take that into consideration. Please don’t let him out, don’t give him a bail," Angie Fuller pleaded with the judge Monday.

John H. Jordan Jr. (Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

For eight days, Angie didn't know where her son was as he and Kayla seemed to simply disappear. Ryan's truck was left behind Angie's home, full of Kayla's belongings.

Angie says the last person she saw Ryan talking to was her neighbor, John. She left to run an errand and says both Ryan and Kayla were in the front yard of her home. When she returned, they were gone.

Angie says every day John asked her for an update: "Have you heard anything?"

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John lived right next door to Angie, the home where Ryan grew up. Now, there's crime scene tape right outside the windows.

"To have my son murdered is a nightmare but to come home last night to his crime scene is a whole nother level," Angie says.

Investigators believe John and Ryan got in an argument and John hit Ryan with something, killing him. They say Kayla tried to intervene and she was hit and killed also.

Police found their bodies in John's van parked outside his sister's house nearby.

John has a history of violence: two misdemeanor assault charges in the 90s and a felonious assault charge in 2002 for hitting his son's girlfriend in the head with a hammer. He spent seven years in prison.

He was given a $3 million bond in Franklin County Municipal Court -- a $1.5 million bond for each of the murder charges he is facing.