Mother Grieves For Two Children Shot & Killed


Officers say the suspect in Wednesday’s shooting is Roy Harvison.  They say he shot and killed his wife, Jenea and her brother, Donnell McDonald in a parking lot.

Jenea and her brother worked at Success Kidz, a family-owned day care business, until two thirds of that family were gunned down on Wednesday.

Now, the surviving owner - mother Crystal Logan - is living with the disbelief of hearing from police that her son in law is the murderer.

She recalls Jenea as a “great mom.  Great friend. Great business owner.”

Crystal was at a loss for words after finding out that her son-in-law killed her children.   “I don't even know why,” she says.   “What happened?"

Court documents show Jenea Harvison was divorcing her husband Roy Harvison after accusing him of being absent for more than a year and neglecting their two young children.

Despite that, the victim's mother says she has no idea why Roy would kill both of her children.  “We were all just together. We were all just together for a birthday party; nobody's saw it coming."

Janea and her brother Donnell McDonald both ran the Success Kids daycare center chain, recognized as one of the first 24-hour child care chains in Columbus.

In fact, 10TV spoke with Harvison in 2012 about her new daycare where her kids "get a lot of love, a lot of attention, a lot of flexibility." 

Crystal says Jenea was preparing to attend an award dinner in May to receive an accolade for the 2015 Columbus Small Business Owner of the Year

“It's just an unfortunate family tragedy that's happened,” she adds.

As for Donnell, Crystal remembers him as a new dad, a hard worker, and just began talking about buying a house for his growing family.