Mosque open house works to build connections in central Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- In an effort to build connections between other faiths and members of the community, several mosques took part in the first “Central Ohio Mosque Day.”

“There are 26 different mosques in the area and about 110,000 to 120,000 Muslims living in the greater city of Columbus,” outreach and interfaith director Irman Malk said.

The event was a chance for community members to visit a local mosque, take part or observe prayers, and discuss religion and life with mosque members.

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“The idea that our neighbor, our friends, our colleagues who are not Muslim they have an opportunity to come out to our centers. . .tour the centers and the facilities and meet and greet with our community.”

Malik said although the event was only in the first year he is optimistic the visit would create connections and bonds that would allow people to take these newly formed relationships to the next level. Malik is hoping for more joint community service and more followers of various faiths acting on their commonalities instead of dwelling on their differences.

“When Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus you name it are coming out and working together and adding value there’s nothing more beautiful and more powerful than that.”