More snow expected Wednesday evening & overnight


By Jeff Booth

If you were up early enough this Wednesday morning chances are you were welcomed with a blanket of fresh snow.

The latest round of wintry weather made for a slow-going commute and another round of snow is slated to work into central and northern Ohio through the day and into Thursday morning.

Don't expect a blockbuster snowfall from our latest weather-maker but it will bring snow and possibly slick roads with it.

As of this writing (11:30 A.M. Wednesday) a clipper system is making its way into the Great Lakes region and already bringing snow to northern Ohio.

Clippers are fast-moving systems that move in from the northwest after developing over the Canadian Prairies. Because they originate so far north they're known for their cold temperatures and chilly winds. But the colder air means they don't have a lot of moisture and the speed with which they move means any moisture they do have doesn't tend to pile up in our area. As a result, clipper systems typically don't bring Central Ohio blockbuster snow totals.

If you're in the snow belt it can be a different story because clippers can turn on the "lake-effect snow" machine. That's expected to happen in northeast Ohio with this latest system.

Flurries are expected in central Ohio at times throughout the afternoon but light snow will start taking hold through the evening and into the first part of the overnight hours.

As I mentioned, this isn't expected to be a major snow maker but light accumulations are expected in the area. Generally, as you move north you'll see higher snow totals.

The latest forecast data points to about a dusting to an inch or so along and south of I-70. Areas north of I-70 will see about a half inch to possibly upwards of two inches.

As you get into the far north (around and north of U.S. Route 30) there will be some spots that could get slightly more but all-in-all shoveling won't be that bad for most of us.

In fact, there will likely be more of us who can get away with using the broom instead of the shovel to clean things up Thursday morning.

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