More residents find their cars vandalized across Columbus


Neighbors across Columbus have a message to the vandals who are damaging cars all over the city. They're telling them to stop.

Columbus Police say more than 100 cars have been spray painted or keyed and all of the crimes are very similar.

Investigators say they need help from the community to identify any suspects.

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Three neighborhoods have been hit in the last two days.

Dozens of people in Clintonville woke up on Sunday morning to find the damage up and down the streets and Tuesday morning car owners in German Village and Merion Village saw the same thing.

Police say they are trying to determine if the crimes are connected.

they are trying to determine if the crimes are all connected.

"It's a little shocking and discomforting to know that someone's out there doing this to the car and what could happen next," Merion Village resident Julie Shell said.

Neighbors in south Columbus are seeing the same kind of damage done to cars over the weekend in Clintonville.

"I mean I've seen things happen on this street but never really vandalized like this," Shell said.

People who live along Julie Shell's street, E Gates in Merion Village, say it seems like vandals walked from parked car to parked car and did their damage.

"That's kind of scary because, like I said what could happen next. Like they're going to keying and spray painting, so I hope they don't start breaking windows next," Shell said.

Shell is clumped in with about 100 more people who had their cars vandalized too.

"I don't think mine will cost that much, it's clearly seeming like I can get it out, but I'm afraid as to what my husband's car might cost us," German Village resident Lauren Mayfield said.

Lauren Mayfield spent more than an hour Tuesday scrubbing the spray paint off of her car. She and her husband live in German Village where police say they took dozens of reports.

"It's just unfortunate, I wish that it, that somebody had something better to do with their time than vandalize peoples cars," Mayfield said.

CPD says they haven't made a connection yet to the crimes reported in 3 different neighborhoods, but say they are very similar.

Investigators are looking for any pictures or videos from the community that might I.D. some suspects.

"I don't know who's doing it but it's not like you're getting anything from the vandalism so I wish they would stop," Mayfield said.

Until then, neighbors say they'll stay alert and keep watch for anything suspicious.

"I mean I know just parking on the street like, there's always a risk so just making sure my car's locked and definitely don't keep anything in sight," Shell said.

Investigators are asking anyone with surveillance video or information about these incidents to call the Columbus Division of Police call 614-614-4545 or email