More Questions Raised About Olentangy Teacher Charged With Rape


A teacher charged with the rape of his elementary students had a marijuana grow operation. Now, there are more questions about his activities.

There’s new information emerging from the past of Matthew Rausenberg, the Olentangy teacher accused of sexually assaulting elementary students.

A local business which was assigned Rausenberg's former phone number has been inundated with calls for him about pharmaceuticals.  The Clintonville Vapor Station owners were shocked to see Rausenberg's arrest Tuesday on the news. He's caused havoc in this shop the past year, but they don't even know him.  Owner Chris Patton was working in the vapor shop when he saw the report of the arrest and the charges of rape and gross sexual imposition against the students.

Patton became familiar with Rausenberg’s name a year ago when he and his wife opened the store.  “Immediately, we started getting phone calls from an overseas drug manufacturer, pharmaceutical place,” said Patton. He says there were constant calls, three to five a day, from overseas and out of state.  “At least 400 or 500 for the whole year, it was so ridiculous. It just drove us nuts,” he added.

The calls were pointed - asking about drugs or medication.

“Sometimes they'd act like they're my best friend, ‘hey Matt, how you doing?’ thinking I was Matt. ‘Do you need your prescriptions refilled?’”

The phone also received alerts for Olentangy Local Schools. The Pattons did some investigating and found out the callers were all looking for Rausenberg, an elementary school teacher. They reached out to him on Facebook.  “Listen we have all these numbers that are calling us, could you please try to get in touch with them and stop it because it's harassment…”

They never heard back.

10TV tried some of the phone numbers. One woman who answered admitted she dealt with pharmaceuticals.  “We hook him up with pharmaceuticals,” said the voice on the other end of the line.

That was the explanation the Pattons got from the callers. They finally put a number block on their phone, and then changed the number when they moved locations.  When they saw the charges against Rausenberg, they contacted investigators and shared their story.

Rausenberg had a marijuana grow operation in his home. Also, they issued a second search warrant last night and pulled more items from that house.