More than a dozen cars broken into overnight in Westerville


WESTERVILLE, Ohio — While many were thinking about celebrating, going to parades and spending time with family, thieves were preying on two Westerville neighborhoods.

In Nest camera video, you see two suspects walk up to a truck parked in a driveway checking to see what goods they could steal.

Inside, owner Josh Palmer watched.

“I looked at the video and I saw two guys walking down the street. One came to my truck and he tried the door, the door was locked,” Palmer said.

Even though he knew the robbers wouldn't get anything, it was still frustrating to see them try.

“My heart was beating a bit, angry,” Palmer said.

Unfortunately, Palmer wasn't alone.

Westerville police say more than a dozen people reported their cars were broken into early Wednesday morning. About 10 in the Olde Mill and four in the Annehurst neighborhoods.

“After I called the cops, I immediately posted on there so everyone would know that people were breaking into cars. It was a big thread by the next morning,” Palmer said.

Most of the cars were unlocked and the robbers got away with change in consoles, prescription medication and one person had a wallet with $400 that was swiped.

“Lock the car doors up every night,” Palmer said.

Palmer's car was broken into a few years ago, which is why he invested in the cameras and is vigilant about protecting his property, especially during a busy holiday weekend.

“Family, you are busy with everything else. Keep those doors locked,” Palmer said.