Monsters, dinosaurs and more gather to race coffins at Chillicothe Halloween Festival


CHILLICOTHE, Ohio — At the Chillicothe Halloween Festival, more than 100 people watched teams race coffins down the street in Yoctangee Park on Sunday.

Now, these weren't your average coffins — they were handmade and often painted to fit the team's theme. The most popular coffin was the one that paid homage to Jurassic Park. What made that coffin even more special is that dinosaurs pushed it down the road.

A team of skeletons did particularly well moving their coffin down the street fast. The fastest three teams won a cash prize and the first place team earned $200.

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Despite the coffins whizzing by, it didn't stop onlookers from taking videos and pictures.

Not all coffins made it down the street. 10TV talked to a team whose steering for the coffin broke soon after they got started. One of the "monsters" on that team said despite not placing, they still appreciated the experience. It took them about a month to make the coffin, working off and on in their spare time.

While this is the third year of the coffin races, locals hope to have more teams next year. Only seven groups raced this year.