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Security Support For Windows XP To Expire April 8: What You Need To Know

Microsoft will end support for the iconic Windows XP after 13 years.

Inside Elite Networks custom computer store in Canal Winchester, it's the calm before the storm.

Owner Noah Auman says work is beginning to pick up as customers begin to realize their Windows operating system called  “Windows XP” is about to be stripped of its security protection.

“When they cease to (offer protection) that's when exploits and vulnerabilities will begin to exist and that's when you're going to see more virus infections and hacked systems,” he says.

On April 8th, Windows will no longer offer technical support for Windows XP.

That leaves consumers with two basic options: upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 and hope your computer supports it, or buy a new computer

“Most people are probably going to ignore it for a while until they, perhaps, get a virus,” Auman says

This isn't just a concern for personal computer users.  According to the Washington Post, an estimated 10% of government computers will still be running the operating system on that date.  That includes thousands of computers on classified military and diplomatic networks.

Security expert Brad Moore says working on an unsecured computer is a real risk.  “There will be more and more ways that a malicious outsider could get into your system, potentially steal data for your system that nobody is ever going to close or fix.”

As the April 8 deadline approaches, computer stores like Elite Networks expect customers to flood their phones with requests to replace Windows XP in an effort to fend off the viruses designed to steal your files.