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ON YOUR SIDE | Nassau County woman says 'as is' home sold to her full of problems not mentioned in inspection

The house was an investment property that the investor renovated and flipped. Now, what was her dream home has become the bane of her existence.

Patty Foster purchased her home this past July. 

When you pull up in her Callahan driveway, at first glance, it is attractive. But on the inside, Foster said, she has been living with a series of problems.

“This is one of the bathrooms that has been leaking pretty bad,” she said.

The house was an investment property that the investor renovated and flipped. Foster said what once was her dream home has now become a nightmare.

“The house is full of mold, the roof leaks like a sieve and the floors are not structurally sound," she said.

Before Foster bought the house, it was inspected, but she said the inspector did not detect the problems she now faces. Problems she shouldn’t have to face after only five months in the home.

She purchased the property from K and G Jax LLC.

“I love this house but there are so many things wrong with it that the flipper [seller] is not willing to make right,” Foster said.

She also purchased it, per the sales agreement, 'as is,' with no implied or expressed warranty.

“I would think ‘as is’ does not include a house full of mold," Foster said. "[And] a floor that is so buckled that you can barely walk on it, or a leaking roof. I would have thought that was not part of 'as is,'" Foster said.

On Your Side contacted the managing partner of K and G Jax LLC, Gjergj Shkurtag.

“I was the owner. I did not do the work,” he said. “She got a lawyer involved so I cannot talk.”

He referred any more questions to his real estate attorney, Duane Romanello.

"I don't believe it is K&G Jax fault,” Romanello said. ”I think her own inspection put her on notice about some of the problems before closing. I don't believe K & G concealed any defects." 

Foster said she is not looking for a protracted legal fight but she is looking for a home she can enjoy.

“I don't want money,” she said. ”I just want my house fixed.”

Foster has filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. She is also is working with the home inspection company to resolve some of the issues.

She went to the Nassau County Building Department and discovered no permits were pulled, apparently, the work did not require a permit.

Five things to know before buying a renovated home:

  1. Learn the history of the home, the seller and the work that was done
  2. Find out which contractors did the work and conduct research on them
  3. Check permits
  4. Get an expert opinion
  5. Work with an experienced real estate agent or attorney

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